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12-22 November 2020

The People’s Palace of Possibility

Dear concerned citizens,

This is an urgent invitation to help build ‘The People’s Palace of Possibility’. Take part in an act of collective imagining and fight against the belief that change is impossible.

As Palace Citizens you will be a part of a vital resistance movement, designed to take down ‘The Consensus’ and their tyrannical regime of enforced happiness and unquestioning conformity. You will receive a series of letters and packages in the post over ten days, which will unfurl the mysteries of ‘The People’s Palace of Possibility’ and invite you to share visions for the future and commit tiny acts of resistance. Be vigilant, some of your messages will be coded and hidden, to avoid the ever-watchful eyes of The Consensus.

Please note, bookings for the activity are now closed.

Image: The People’s Palace of Possibility, The Bare Project, 2020