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12-22 November 2020

Tunnel – Podcast Audio Experience

  • Event
Thu 12 November, 10:00am 35 minutes

This is a self-led activity to be experienced at a time of your choosing. Best experienced outside, but can be experienced at home. Headphones recommended.

“….and then, finally, you arrive. You get there, where you always wanted to be…” Put on your headphones and take a look around. We are about to set off.

Join Sam and Alex as they guide you through a walking route of your choosing. You probably know where you are going, but you never know where you might end up. ‘Tunnel’ is an audio walk podcast guided by robotic voices. Blending original music, field recording and computer-generated voices, this sonic journey reflects on the blurry lines between the natural and the artificial, the organic and the technological.

Devised by Dr Yaron Shyldkrot in collaboration with composer Dr James Edward Armstrong and dramaturg Lisa Savini.

This podcast audio experience will be accessible from this page throughout the festival 12th- 22nd November.

Image: Dr Yaron Shyldkrot

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